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Arizona Cardinals release Jordan Phillips

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

In what was one of the more disappointing free agent splashes in recent memory, the Arizona Cardinals have released Jordan Phillips per the team.

Phillips was a big free agency signing in 2020 and then immediately failed to live up to the expectations, dealing with injuries and not really bringing the motor expected.

He played in only 18 games, getting 17 starts in the two seasons.

If he had produced per season what he did in his two years in Arizona it could have been worth it, but he leaves the Cardinals with the following two year stat line:

18 games played, 33 tackles, 24 solo tackles, four tackles for loss, seven quarterback hits, and five quarterback sacks.

It was not his play when on the field, but the fact he was rarely available that made Phillips such a disappointment.

It also appears Phillips will head back to Buffalo, per his own InstaGram.

With the release of Phillips they save only $4.1 million in cap space, but if they designate as a June 1 cut, the Cardinals will save $10 million in cap space.

Good luck to Jordan.