The Cardinals front office doesn't start to worry about the regular season until they lose 3 games in a row. It's like lose game 1, whoops. Lose game 2, I guess we need to talk to the Head Coach. Lose 3. Oh my goodness, this roster is on the injury list, having bad games, too many penalties, etc. Lose game 4.... 3 alarm fire and the front office starts running around like a Keystone Cops movie. Lose 5... Let's all go down to Rocky Point and forget this season.

When the Organization clams up and doesn't share any info with the local sports writers, it isn't to hide grand strategy changes. It is like they have "settled" into losing 9 or more games.

There's no magic, no hidden analysis going on. The Cards are very, very very old school in how they run the Team.

Why? Are they lazy? No, they are just settled in the way they go about their jobs.

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