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2022 NFL Draft: Arizona Cardinals top two picks according to PFF

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Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

We have all enjoyed the mock simulator for the 2022 NFL Draft with PFF.

In fact, we use it every week on the site to provide a new and different version of a potential Arizona Cardinals draft for 2022.

So, it makes it even more fun when they crunch the numbers for us and gives us the top prospect that everyone is drafting for the Cardinals.

From PFF Premium:


Top choice: C Tyler Linderbaum – 26.8%

Other selections: DI Devonte Wyatt – 13.7%

Last offseason, the Cardinals went out and got Rodney Hudson, an acquisition that hasn’t quite turned out the way some Arizona fans might’ve wanted. So ultimately, Tyler Linderbaum dropping to Pick No. 23 would be a steal for the Cardinals.

Linderbaum was the highest-graded player in college football this season with a 95.4 PFF grade and is arguably the best center prospect PFF has seen.

I have talked about Linderbaum for months on this site. I am digging as much as possible to see what the team as well as the rest of the NFL see from him because there is no doubt he is one of the top center prospects in recent memory.

The problem is, do teams see him as a center only? If so, could he be a player that we see “fall” relative to where they are being projected.

If so, I don’t know if he would be a player the Cardinals target in round one. While, Wyatt is no consolation prize.

Wyatt may be on par with a Quinnen Williams, who went third overall in 2019, and has had a nice career. The biggest difference is age. Williams was only 21 when drafted and will play this season at the same age Wyatt will be as a rookie, 24.

Wyatt would immediately upgrade the Cardinals defensive line and could be the best value pick available in round one.