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K2 Unplugged on McAfee

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Kliff Kingsbury and Peter Schrager were guests on The Pat McAfee Show yesterday. On this show, you can see and hear sides of Kliff that you won’t find elsewhere.

Here are some of my takeaways:

  1. Kliff will never coach college football again. Those Oklahoma rumors were moot all along.
  2. Kliff said he and Steve Keim were willing to pin their whole careers on building the team around Kyler Murray.
  3. The relationship Kliff has with Kyler is in a great place.
  4. Kliff has seen dramatic progress each year from Kyler and expects more to come.
  5. J.J. Watt is like having “Captain America” in the building.
  6. Arizona is a premier destination for free agents because of the quality of life and the exciting growth of the Cardinals’ football team.
  7. Players want consistency and so that’s what Kliff tries to give them every day.
  8. There is a stronger and more positive veteran presence in the Cardinals’ locker room now.
  9. Budda Baker flies around in practice just like he does in games.
  10. Kliff’s dad is his biggest supporter and sounding board.

If you have a chance to take a listen, it would be great to hear your thoughts.

The smartest thing he said, imo, was not responding to negative rumors or claims from the media because “you don’t to give wings to those kind of rumors.” He said that the rumors about Michael Bidwill after the season yelling at him and threatening to fire him were patently false. He had no idea how or why the rumors were conjured up.