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Seattle Seahawks make blockbuster deal to trade Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos

NFL Pro Bowl Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The NFC West is going to be completely different.

The Seattle Seahawks have agreed to trade Pro Bowl quarterback Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos in what Adam Schefter calls one the biggest deals in NFL history.

This is going to completely reshape the NFC and AFC with the powers that be.

The Broncos now have a quarterback to compete in the grueling AFC West while the Seahawks look to be waving the white flag and starting the rebuild in the ultra competitive NFC West.

While we wait to see what the compensation package looks like, this is a startling change to the scenery of the NFC West and will definitely impact how things go.

While the Los Angeles Rams look to hold onto as much success as possible after their Super Bowl win and the San Francisco 49ers make a decision on if Trey Lance is the guy.

Now, the question is what does the Cardinals future look like?

For now, we know that the Seahawks are going to look vastly different.