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Red Rain: Is Kyler the New Pat. P?

Elite and electric athletes who impose social media scrubs, money demands coming off their most embarrassing moments, playing in tuxedos on their own terms, cutting back on doing some things that made them special early in their careers and using the Pro Bowl game as bounce-back performances from year-end struggles are some of the common denominators in posing the question: how much alike are Kyler Murray and Patrick Peterson?

If the Cardinals’ history of kowtowing to “high maintenance” star players continues, one can expect Michael Bidwill and Steve Keim to cave in to Erik Burkhardt’s public demands for Kyler’s contract extension —- when, in reality, the Cardinals have the vast majority of the leverage.

The question then becomes —- will the longer term security help make Kyler be a stronger leader and a more willfully aggressive player, particularly down the stretch, at crunch time?

Did it help Pat P.?

That’s the concern that is examined today on the Red Rain Podcast.