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Former Arizona Cardinals wide receiver set crazy offseason in motion

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals broke the system.

Well, not the Cardinals but their former second round pick Christian Kirk changed the game and it has trickled down badly.

It started with the Green Bay Packers having to trade Davante Adams because he didn’t want to sign back with Green Bay.

Part of it became about the respect of waiting to see his worth, but he didn’t want to stick around.

Then you had the Tyreek Hill situation.

Hill and his team had a contract extension offer on the table, then the Kirk and Adams contracts came up and he said... Nope that one doesn’t work anymore.

So, the Chiefs bailed on the most dynamic receiver in the NFL for uncertainty.

Now, we see it creeping into the rest of the league.

Deebo Samuel is done with the San Francisco 49ers, allegedly:

A.J. Brown has all of a sudden had some issues with the Tennessee Titans:

All of this because the receiver market became broken when the Jaguars signed a wide receiver who is very good, very talented and has produced well as a wide receiver two or three in Arizona to an $18 million a year contract.

What an offseason.