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Kyler Murray reiterates that he wants to be an Arizona Cardinal

Arizona Cardinals v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

The offseason has been so silly because people are projecting.

They are projecting their feelings on a situation during contract negotiations and allowing it to cloud the reality.

In reality, Kyler Murray has done nothing to say he does not want to be in Arizona.

In fact, the only statements Murray has made at all are to let people know he is committed to the Arizona Cardinals and now he has done so once again.

Again, what Murray has said and done this offseason is workout, show up to a charity event and answer questions about his future in Arizona, then addressing issues online.

What his agent is doing is another thing, and I know people want to project that onto Kyler, but people have to separate the business portion of things.

Murray wants to be in Arizona and help the Cardinals win.

In fact, his first contract offer to the team outlined how they could address some of their issues, the biggest in Murray’s belief the offensive line by extending him and creating some cap space the next two seasons.

Of course, let’s not listen to what Murray says and instead create our own narrative.