Mock Drama?

This isn't old news. This is no news. This is a strange hole in the yearly calendar that has been taken over by any sports writer that needs a column to say he's published this month.

The rotten truth is simply this... the Mock draft is only as good as the writer's judgement. Now we both know that they won't report on themselves to push us to only the very best mock draft that is doggone close to the real thing. In fact, Vegas has a few bets where you make your own prediction(s).

But what is going on in the mind of old lunchpack Joe. He looks at his phone during lunch and comes up with confusion. The reason is that there are too many voices in the marketplace butting into each other like a herd of sheep.

The best I can come up with is 100% confusion. With all the exchanging players, Free Agency, contract extension, many of us that don't live and breath football 24/7 and don't have a clue how to build a roster. And then I read that Kyler Murray, the Cards #1 quarterback's agent is still trying to get a contract extension for big money. That leaves a pit in this man's stomach.

So, with a bad stomach and a brain full of confusion, I don't care 1 bit about the rest of the off-season. It is way too much confusion and I don't need much to set off my stomach.

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