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Steve Wilks joins Brian Flores class action lawsuit against NFL, with claims against the Arizona Cardinals

Syndication: Phoenix Rob Schumacher/azcentral sports

Well, if you were worried about offseason distractions the Arizona Cardinals have hit the lotto.

Today, as was expected by many, the Arizona Cardinals former head coach Steve Wilks has joined Brian Flores in a class action lawsuit against the NFL for their hiring practices.

The Arizona Cardinals are now one of the teams with a claim made against it.

You can read a portion of Steve Wilks claim here:

This is a bad look for the Arizona Cardinals especially with some of the nuggets that Steve Wilks has provided.

First off, I will say that Wilks should have been fired. His teams were woefully underprepared during his short stint.

However, there are some things that point to validity in his complaints.

  1. Steve Wilks did not get a say in offensive coaching hires or personnel decisions.
  2. Steve Keim was absent during a huge part of the NFL season, especially for a first year head coach.
  3. Wilks was fired while Keim was not only retained but received an extension.

The last two make the firing of Wilks look much worse for the Cardinals. Had they blown out the whole crew, it would be less about Wilks. However, Wilks was given the pink slip and Keim retained and rewarded.

Now, the Cardinals have some questions to answer.