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Meet the Undrafted Free Agents: Arizona Cardinals sign Nick Grant after rookie mini-camp

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: FEB 03 East-West Shrine Bowl Photo by Jordon Kelly/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals signed one more undrafted free agent after their rookie mini-camp in cornerback Nick Grant.

He is an interesting prospect and I have seen mentions of his speed and concerns, but my buddy Emory Hunt and his crew over at Football Gameplan made quite the case for him.

From Emory:

Very smooth coming out of his backpedal. More of a T-Step type guy instead of a click-n-go. But it works for him for sure. - Strong run defender that takes assertive angles to the ball carrier and is able to make the 1-on-1 play in the hole. - Plays the half-field safety spot well. Stays patient before leaving off his hash to drive toward the ball. - Doesn’t feel out of place near the LOS, able to get through the trash well. There’s a fine line between patience and waiting too long to make a decision. He needs to be a bit more urgent in that regard, so he can pressure the route much better. - Decent speed but not the true-range type speed that threatens angles.

Emory sees him as a combo safety type. Someone like a Tony Jefferson type.

Does that change your opinion if he is not looked at as just a conerback?