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Meet the prospects: Arizona Cardinals take big, long, athletic cornerback prospect in Christian Matthew

2021 NCAA Division II Football Championship Photo by C. Morgan Engel/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

We have gotten through the 2022 NFL Draft and it is time to get to know the prospects over the next couple of days for the Arizona Cardinals.

This is basically what Justin and I do on our podcast, including a high end comp and low end comp.

The reality of physical and athletic comparisons is that most of the time it doesn’t always mean they reach that high end.

Low ends are littered with players who did not even make it in the league.

So, you have to assume most prospects finish up right in the middle.

However, we like to give you the possible range of outcomes.

Christian Matthew, CB, Valdosta State

The Cardinals needed some size in the secondary and got it with Matthew. He is over 6-2 and 195lbs, he ran a 4.5 40-yard dash, but the most impressive thing was his 41.5” vertical jump.

My good buddy Emory Hunt goes deep in his positional reviews and has some insight into Matthew.

From Emory’s Draft Guide:

Shows a lot of patience at the LOS when trying to deploy his press punch, and is able to connect on that upfield shoulder almost consistently. - Was excellent in his role of locking down one side, as teams tended to shy away from throwing at him. Lengthy and bendy, he was able to break up a lot of attempt. - Core special teams candidate.

That is a big time thing we will have to see from Matthew, an ability to contribute on specials.

Justin and I really crunched the numbers, but his closest comp on the high end is Gary Baxter.

Baxter started for three season with the Baltimore Ravens in the early 2000’s before failing when going to Cleveland with the Browns.

That would be a great ceiling to reach and Emory and company think he has a shot.