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Arizona Cardinals three top players per PFF tell a story

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Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

When PFF dropped their three top players from each team entering the 2022 NNFL season, it was interesting to see who they have for the Arizona Cardinals.

From PFF:

QB Kyler Murray 4th season
WR DeAndre Hopkins 10th season
DI J.J. Watt 12th season

First, when you look at it, it is hard to disagree with who they list.

The Cardinals best player is probably Kyler Murray, with a healthy Hopkins edging him out, but questions will remain about Hopkins until we see him on the field again after an injury and then his six game PED suspension.

Meanwhile, Watt is a dynamic player, but has struggled to stay healthy as his career goes on and on.

The more jarring aspect of the Cardinals three top players is that only one is a Cardinals draft pick.

Murray has been a very good player since he got into the league and has continued to grow his game. His next step is to finish the season at the same high level he starts at.

However, the only other mention of a drafted player was Budda Baker.

This again shines a light on the Cardinals biggest issue and what needs to happen more than anything is that a drafted player develops.

Murray and Baker are great building blocks, but they can’t be the only players who are on this list or at least considered.

The Cardinals need to see big steps from Isaiah Simmons, Rondale Moore, Zach Allen, and Zaven Collins this year.

They need D.J. Humphries to continue to raise his level of play.

This team needs drafted talent to take the lead, because continuing to replace those players with expensive veterans is going to hamper any type of growth this team can do from a Wild Card contender.