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Meet the Prospects: Arizona Cardinals could have a dynamic tight end duo with addition of Trey McBride

Colorado State v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

We have gotten through the 2022 NFL Draft and it is time to get to know the prospects over the next couple of days for the Arizona Cardinals.

This is basically what Justin and I do on our podcast, including a high end comp and low end comp.

The reality of physical and athletic comparisons is that most of the time it doesn’t always mean they reach that high end.

Low ends are littered with players who did not even make it in the league.

So, you have to assume most prospects finish up right in the middle.

We like to give you the possible range of outcomes and finish up with the Cardinals first pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Trey McBride, TE, Colorado State

McBride is such a unique talent.

From a production perspective there are few, if any tight ends that compare. However, from an athletic and stylistic perspective he has a lot more in common with previous prospects.

McBride is a dynamic player with the ball in his hands, has good, not great movement skills and is a willing blocker.

He is similar to Zach Ertz with the ball in his hands, something that is good for the Cardinals, but he is also a player that profiles as a better blocker than Ertz.

I have seen people that have said he is similar to George Kittle, but that seems like an ambitious comp, when you compare their athletic testing.

The player that seems more likely and a comp that I feel is a compliment is last years tight end two, Pat Freirmuth, who was taken 55th last year.

You can see a path where McBride is better than Freirmuth because we have seen he is a better player with the ball in his hands and had much higher production over his college career.

McBride is a difficult comp to pinpoint, as his production is through the roof, but his size at just under 6-4 and at 246lbs, is a little smaller than other tight ends.

That is why I like the idea of Ertz with better blocking as his high end. Ertz measured in at 6-5 and 249lbs at the combine, but tested out similar.

What would you think?