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Kyler Murray back with Arizona Cardinals at second week of voluntary OTA’s

NFL: AUG 04 Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Photo by Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The great Kyler Murray watch ended as soon as it began for Arizona Cardinals fans

Murray was present at the second week of voluntary OTA’s and seems like things are mostly going to be business as usual as we get ready for the first month of mandatory workouts around the corner.

This was much-ado about nothing, but in an offseason news cycle that demands daily information, we needed to discuss Murray missing three workouts like it was a hardened holdout.

While there is plenty for Murray and the offense to continue to grow on, we have to remember there is little they can do in these workouts.

In fact, I heard Dan Bickley discussing how bad it was that Murray was missing time last week as they could be implementing new sets offensively and working more under center.

Bickley conveniently leftout that while Murray was likely missing out and would then require the offense to be changed back because he was “behind” he ignored that starting center Rodney Hudson was also not there.

So... not sure what the hand wringing is over, but we gotta get them clickzzzz!