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Defensive Calls: Hello Budda?

NFL: Arizona Cardinals OTA Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Background: Jun 6, 2022; Tempe, Arizona, USA; Arizona Cardinals safety Budda Baker (3) during OTA workouts at the teams training facility. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas

Budda Baker recently said that he wanted to attend OTAs because showing up for the team is he was brought up to do —- and that he wanted to help the younger players learn their assignments so that they could come to training camp dialed in.

Taking this a step further, wouldn’t it make complete sense for Budda to take over the reins this year of calling the defense?

Johnny Venerable is understandably miffed as to why Zaven Collins has hinted that he might not be the one calling the plays this season. Johnny makes a very reasonable point that in light of Vance Joseph’s proclivities, it could be Nick Vigil making the calls. Clearly, Johnny doesn’t like that idea. I agree, nor should we.

Thus, here are some reasons why Budda Baker could and should make the most sense:

  • No one knows Vance Joseph’s defense as well as Budda.
  • Budda is a captain.
  • It’s ideal when the play caller is a captain.
  • Budda is not a player the coaches ever want to take off the field.
  • Rashad Johnson was excellent at it when he was making the calls.
  • Take the pressure off of Zaven Collins, which would allow him to think less and play faster.
  • Budda breeds confidence.
  • Budda has a complete understanding of the blitz schemes and coverages.

Kudos to Kliff Kingsbury, Vance Joseph and the defensive coaches if this was their decision.

Your thoughts?