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Arizona Cardinals have had an offseason of unexpected needs

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

There have been a lot of questions about what the Arizona Cardinals were doing, or not doing heading into the offseason and during the draft.

They were allegedly taking Cam Jurgens in round two before the Philadelphia Eagles sniped them.

They made the big trade for Hollywood Brown.

Yet, there were other issues they needed to address but were unable to in the sense of a big splash.

Obviously they thought they made a big move in signing Jeff Gladney and his passing is not something you can plan for.

However, the biggest need heading into the draft seemed to be pass rusher, yet the Cardinals seemed focused on wide receiver and interior offensive line.


Well now we know that the team knew there were issues with DeAndre Hopkins, suspension, and Rodney Hudson and they wanted to get ahead of it.

They had Markus Golden and liked the depth at pass rushers.

They loved the Gladney pick up and felt like they got an extra day two pick.

So, they needed to figure out the wide receiver and interior offensive line issues.

They addressed both and have been working rookie Marquise Hayes in with the centers while also working Justin Pugh there.

Yet, we had no idea why it seemed like something they were so intent on.

Sometimes we need to let the offseason play out before we try and understand things. Getting Hollywood Brown was a necessity for not just the present but the future. Apparently their interest in trying to grab an interior offensive lineman was the same.

All of a sudden they had even more holes to fill than we knew about.