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2022 Arizona Cardinals positional preview: Tight end is a strength of the Arizona Cardinals for the first time

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

The year was 1989. I was a three year old and have no recollection, but that was the last time the Cardinals had a consistent threat at the tight end position heading into the season.

Fast forward 33 years and the Cardinals tight end room is probably the best on paper the team has had in their existence in the desert, if not ever.

Let’s dive in.

Zach Ertz - A dynamic pass catching threat the likes the Cardinals have not had ever. Ertz’s half year (well 11 games) netting him 574 yards and three touchdowns would have been one of the better tight end production seasons in Arizona history. Now, with 11 games under his belt and a year in the system, he should be ready for an even bigger year.

Trey McBride - A rookie with huge expectations at the tight end position. How many of these have we had? The difference seems to be, the Cardinals have Ertz on the roster already and McBride won’t be expected to come in and be a massive contributor right away catching the ball. Hopefully he is game for blocking like a maniac.

Maxx Williams - I am excited for Maxx and hope his rehab goes well enough for him to contribute in 2022. We know what he is.

Stephen Anderson - Anderson seems like the potential injury replacement for Ertz, if anything happens.

David Wells - Threw a perfect game for the Yankees in 1998. Now working to be a tight end on the Arizona Cardinals roster. One of those things is not true. Wells had three games with the Cardinals last season during the injury plagueness of 2021.

Chris Pierce Jr - Seems like a longshot to make the roster, but in the same mold of Ertz and Anderson.

Bernhard Seikovits - The Cardinals had him on the roster last year as an exemption. Likely going to be a continuation this year with all the added tight ends.

Deon Yelder - A big blocking tight end goes from Patrick Mahomes to Tom Brady to Kyler Murray. Talk about finally finding a good quarterback to play with.