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All Signs Point to a Kyler Murray Extension?

After the contractual drama in the Spring, Murray and the Cardinals seem to be on the same path.

There seems to be good news on the horizon as we inch closer to the Arizona Cardinals training camp. Everyone recalls the drama this spring because Kyler Murray and his camp want to secure his contract extension before the season. Murray cleared his Instagram account of Cardinals posts, then his agent posts regarding his contract desires.

These sequences of events dominated the spring headlines a bit and created the narrative that Murray is a selfish, immature kid. Fast forward a few months and reports state both sides are on the same page with promising communication regarding his deal.

ESPN report Jeff Darlington tweeted:

This is quite encouraging and exciting for everyone involved. Securing your franchise quarterback is essential to remaining competitive and above water in the NFL.

There were fans and even analysts questioning if Murray deserves a new deal right now. It was ridiculous then and now! Outside of his dangerous dual-threat skill set, he is one of the better passers in the league, despite his size. He excels in the deeper portions of the field to keep safeties honest and away from the line of scrimmage.

Completing 35 of his 76 attempts of 20-yards or more for 1,125 yards, 14.8 ypa, 9 touchdowns, and three interceptions. Do not forget without a healthy DeAndre Hopkins down the stretch of the season and an unreliable interior offensive line.

General Manager Steve Keim has struggled to hit the nail on draft picks during his tenure but this was a home-run (albeit, he had the first overall pick). Nonetheless, if(when) a deal is agreed upon prior to training camp it alleviates any distracting questions regarding the contract or unhappiness. Murray can walk into camp with light shoulders and a clear mind to effectively prepare for the season.

The veterans are to report to training camp on July 26, 2022. That is 12 days away, let’s hope a deal is struck for a smooth transition into the 2022 Cardinals season.

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