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Rodney Hudson will return to the Arizona Cardinals in 2022

Syndication: Arizona Republic Michael Chow / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Arizona Cardinals were facing some decisions and maybe they still are.

However, if the report from Ian Rapoport is true, they don’t have to worry about the immediate future of the center position.

Rodney Hudson has informed the Arizona Cardinals that he will return to the team in 2022.

What and why he is was away doesn’t matter, as the 33-year old veteran center and three-time Pro Bowler will be back on the line for the Cardinals this season.

There is plenty to speculate over, but in the end, the Cardinals needed a center heading into the season. Now, they have it.

Hudson when healthy early in the season helped make the Cardinals offense one of the best in the NFL.

After a rib injury and a bout with covid, he seemed to never get into the swing of things again.

However, if he is back it will give the Cardinals the veteran anchor heading into a big season for the Cardinals and their staff.

Welcome back, Rodney Hudson.