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Apt Kudos to Kyler from Louis Riddick

NFL Pro Bowl Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Let it be known that ESPN’s Louis Riddick is a huge fan of Cardinals’ QB Kyler Murray. Here he provides a litany of facts to support his case that Kyler deserves to be ranked among the top QBs in the NFL:

Ever since the 2019 NFL Draft, Louis Riddick has been touting Kyler Murray’s sensational talents. To be perfectly frank, seeing all these NFL QB rankings of categories where Kyler isn’t even mentioned is a joke. Like the one yesterday about top 10 strongest arms in the NFL (which included Malik Willis and Sam Howell, but not Kyler) , or the one about top 10 deep passing ability (which Kyler statistically has been top of the class, and yet he is not even on the list).

Very happy to see that Louis Riddick is setting the facts straight about Kyler Murray’s passing ability and proficiency.