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SB Nation Reacts: Arizona Cardinals need to re-sign D.J. Humphries next

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The Arizona Cardinals have locked up their quarterback through at least 2028.

Over that time, they will need to surround him with talent, but one position seems to be more pressing than others.

The Cardinals are going into their last year with D.J. Humphries under contract. Marquise Brown has two years left and Jalen Thompson is in his last season as well.

We asked you and you answered on which player is the most important to re-sign next and it wasn’t close.

It is actually a little surprising that we have not heard anything from either side on locking Humprhies up long term.

Whether Hump wants to wait or the team is waiting, going into this year without your left tackle who is still only going to be 29 after this season unsigned, is an interesting tactic.

We will see what happens next.