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Study Buddies

Arizona Cardinals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

During the recent Dave Pasch Podcast, Kliff Kingsbury said that when he spoke to Lincoln Riley about what to expect from WR Marquise Brown, Riley said that Brown was the best practice player he’s ever coached. With yesterday’s revelation that there is a “homework” clause in Kyler Murray’s contract that requires him to perform at least 4 hours of distraction-free game film study per week, it would only seem natural that:

While Gambo and others have speculated that the homework clause and the $10+M in incentives for Kyler Murray to be at the training facility in order participate in the Cardinals’ off-season programs were initiated and insisted upon by Cardinals’ owner Michael Bidwill, the one thing perhaps more than any other that Michael Bidwill did this off-season to aid and abet the improvement of Kyler’s work habits was procuring the Cardinals’ stunning trade for Marquise Hollywood Brown.

At the end of mandatory mini-camp, when Hollywood Brown was asked what he was going to do with his free time up until training camp, Hollywood said that he was going to continue his intense daily training regimen in order to come into camp in tip-top shape and he was going to be “wherever Kyler's is.”

Hollywood Brown is all-in.

Think, therefore, what Brown can do for Kyler.

We saw last season how dynamic a duo Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp were. They were on synchronized schedules. They ate their meals together, watched film together, worked out together and practiced together.

If Kyler Murray and Marquise Brown can show the same dedication this season for their team that Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp manifested, then perhaps the Sooner Brodies could help produce a Hollywood ending for the Arizona Cardinals.

After all, the football gods, as well as NFL owners, tend to reward dedication and hard work.

Coming to a stadium near you:

If you haven’t listened to Lincoln Riley’s interview with Wolf and Luke and his thoughts about the Kyler Murray and Hollywood Brown reunion, this is a treat: