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Shucking the Oyster To Free the Pearl

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Kyler Murray Press Conference Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Kyler Murray, the 24 year old man, stood at the podium yesterday.

In retrospect, one can imagine that all parties involved in Kyler Murray’s off-season plight to sign a lucrative contract extension, would have wished the fruition of the contract to happen less acrimoniously.

However, if the steely resolve of all parties involved has emerged as brightly as an Arizona sunrise, then perhaps all parties could be better off.

The shining light is that Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury has an unwavering belief in his young QB.

The fact that Kliff Kingsbury, who knows a thing or two about talented, young QBs, can look everyone in the NFL world in the eyes and say without a moment’s hesitation that “Kyler is the only (franchise) QB I want to work with,” is all anyone needs to know.

The fact is —- no Arizona Cardinals’ team in its history has made this kind of long-term commitment to the trio of the GM, head coach and a 1st round draft pick, franchise QB who has started since the day he arrived at the Cardinals’ headquarters in 2019.

The Cardinals’ oyster of organizational instability is being shucked — pried open with great pains, no doubt —- as oysters so often are.

Therefore, with patience and the resolve to remain committed as one, it’s time for the Arizona Cardinals to start carefully extracting the pearl, so as not to mar it, so that one day the franchise can finally find a way to free it and polish it off. There is an art to this.

Likewise, as for the nature of art, Michelangelo said that his raison d’être was ”to free the angel from the marble.”