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SB Nation Reacts: Arizona Cardinals fans want to see a veteran center brought in

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If it is not one thing, it is another with the Arizona Cardinals.

A team in constant search for the same positions, while having to neglect other positions.

The Cardinals have spent an abundant amount of commodities at the center position and heading into a pivotal 2022 season, they still have a big question mark.

That is because they traded for a veteran center on the cusp of retirement and got... a veteran center on the cusp of retirement who battled injuries, ineffectiveness and sickness and now looks poised to call it a career.

So, with the pending unknown of Rodney Hudson, what should the Arizona Cardinals do at center?

We asked and 89% of fans think they need to address the center position immediately with a veteran.

Not surprising.

The center position has been something this team has tried to upgrade even when they had a solid one in Lyle Sendlein.

Now, they may be on their fourth center in four seasons since bringing on Kyler Murray.

Not the best.