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James Conner comes in at number 80 in the NFL Top 100 for 2022

Syndication: Arizona Republic Michael Chow-Arizona Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

The NFL is unveiling their top 100 players of 2022 and the first Arizona Cardinals player on the list was a big free agent acquisition last year.

James Conner had a big year for the Arizona Cardinals, finishing with a career high 18 touchdowns while showing he is much more than just a power back.

However, his power is still what makes opponents and at the time teammates alike fear him.

Chandler Jones talked about him in the video clip above.

“When you have a power back like that, it’s very intimidating. Even with a defensive end like me, you don’t want to tackle that. I don’t want to tackle James Conner. The guy has legs like tree trunks. And to see what he does, it reminds you of what Derrick Henry does with his stiff-arm. You just don’t want to stick your face in that. It just doesn’t seem safe.”

Conner has since re-signed for three years with the Arizona Cardinals and seems like one of the better free agent pickups in recent memory.