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Marquis Hayes = IHOP

NFL: Arizona Cardinals Rookie Minicamp Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Background: May 13, 2022; Tempe, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals offensive lineman Marquis Hayes looks on during Rookie Minicamp at Dignity Arizona Cardinals Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale

The very best pick the Arizona Cardinals made in the 2022 NFL Draft could very well be their last pick at #257, where they tabbed 2nd team All Big XII Oklahoma guard Marquis Hayes. It’s absolutely crazy to think that Hayes was still on the board at the tail end of the 7th round.

Have a look at this short video that Chris Trapasso, NFL Draft analyst for CBS Sports, created in order to highlight his belief that Marquis Hayes should have been a 2nd round pick.

While watching the Cardinals’ 36-23 win a couple of time and then watching Chris Trapasso’s video, a fitting nickname for Marquis Hayes occurred to me:

IHOP —- as in —- International House of Pancakes.

This year, the Cardinals’ offense boasts a DHOP and IHOP.

Marquis Hayes’ PFF grades in his NFL pre-season debut versus the Bengals:

  • Overall —- 80.1
  • Pass Blocking —- 79.2
  • Run Blocking —- 77.2
  • Penalties: 0
  • 2nd highest offensive grade on the team for players who played in 25 or more snaps, behind fellow G Will Hernandez (92.1).

PFF Grades at Oklahoma:

  • 2019: 61.1 (848 snaps —- 0 sacks, 0 QB hits, 10 QB hurries)
  • 2020: 71.7 (738 snaps —- 2 sacks, 2 QB hits, 8 QB hurries)
  • 2021: 75.3 (815 snaps —- 3 sacks, 1 QB hit, 9 QB hurries)
  • PFF 2022 NFL Draft Board Ranking: #104
  • NFL Player Comp: Larry Warford

At a super pass happy program like Oklahoma, it’s a prize to know that G Marquis Hayes in three seasons as the starting LG, playing close to 2,400 snaps only surrendered 5 career sacks, 3 career QB hits and an average of 9 QB hurries a season.

Scouting Report: (it’s a great, quick read)

Why Hayes Slid in the Draft:

In my opinion, in watching Hayes’ style of play, his long arms and how he uses them to gain tremendous leverage are what make him special. If you look at his results, you come away very impressed. If you look at his technique, a number of pro scouts covet lower body strength and hip thrust more than upper body strength. Marquis Hayes plays a little more straight up and close-footed than what some coaches prefer. Therefore, scouts were apt to question his ability to sink his hips to generate power blocks...a technique that has become less vogue these days int the NFL.

Hayes is not a natural fit in a zone blocking system where guards are constantly pulling or playing on the run. But, in Sean Kugler’s system, Hayes is very well suited because he can dominate his two-gap phone booth, as clearly evidenced by the video clips above.

I think what happened at the 2022 NFL Draft was that the teams that prefer uber-mobile guards did not have Marquis on their draft boards. And the teams that covet slobber-knocker guards who can dominate in a phone booth were likely trying to draft at other positions and Hayes somehow got overlooked.

In my opinion, Marquis Hayes should have been drafted somewhere between picks 100-120. The only guard who was taken in that stretch of picks was Wisconsin’s Logan Bruss at pick #104 (3rd round comp. pick). Bruss is a college right tackle whom the Rams are converting to guard. He possesses the same size (6-5, 310) and athletic measurements (5.3 40) as Marquis Hayes (6-5, 318, 5.3 40). The physical difference is arm length. Hayes’ 34 7/8 inches exceed Bruss” 33 1/8 inches by 1 23 inches. The position difference is that Hayes comes to the NFL playing the LG position he played in college.

Pick #104 is, imo, where Marquis Hayes should have been taken. I am therefore, superbly delighted that the Rams passed on him and that the Cardinals were the recipients of an absolute 7th round comp pick heist.