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Red Rain Podcast: Talking Watson, QBs, Greedy Williams to ARI Trade Rumors with Special Guest Barry Shuck of SB Nation’s Dawgs By Nature

We welcome Barry Shuck as our special guest to today’s podcast. Barry is an outstanding staff writer for SB Nation’s Dawgs By Nature, the site for Cleveland Browns fans. He is an NFL historian and is a member of the Professional Football Researchers Association. Hear what he has to say about the Deshaun Watson suspension, Kyler Murray’s contract, Tom Brady’s family vacation, Lamar Jackson’s contract situation, the possibilities of the Cardinals acquiring CB Greedy Williams in a trade, where the NFL term “the red zone” was originated and what comes to his mind about Bill Bidwill a few weeks before Mr. B’s induction to the Cardinals Ring of Honor.

What are your answers to these QB secenarios?

What are your thoughts about a trade for Greedy Williams? What would you be willing to offer the Browns?