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Cody Ford taking first team reps at left guard as Justin Pugh deals with injury

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals added Cody Ford after their loss to the Baltimore Ravens in the preseason.

There were murmurs and some questions as to why the team addressed the offensive line and maybe not another position first, but it seems to be becoming more and more clear.

Justin Pugh had a stinger but has now missed nearly a week of work and newly acquired Cody Ford is now sliding in to start at left guard.

Who knows how long this is for, but with the injury to Marquise Hayes as well, the team felt like they needed someone with starting experience at the left guard position and went and got Ford.

Ford played 257 snaps in 2020 at the left guard position and wasn’t terrible, while he struggled more at the right tackle position.

Playing inside and in a more straight forward scheme may benefit Ford and allow him to work a little more in his comfort zone.

We will keep an eye on the injury situation with the Cards, but the move for Ford is making a little more sense now.