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Week three NFL preseason picks and best bets

Baltimore Ravens v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Gambling on the preseason? You are here.

Actually, we are partnering with Tallysight to show off our weekly picks and wanted to start this week with a look at the preseason.

Each week you will see my picks along with some of the other Revenge of the Birds staff and if you want to play along make sure to sign up with Tallysight as well and you can track your own picks, create competitions among the Revenge of the Birds community or even your own friend group.

We are a little late this week as we get into the groove of things, but this will be published every Thursday before the Thursday Night Football game and then on Sunday mornings again if we make any changes.

Blake Murphy was one of the best pickers in all of the NFL community last year, so if you want to make a little money follow along with Blake and maybe even the rest of the RotB community.