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Arizona Cardinals offense misses too many shots in game one

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Arizona Cardinals Michael Chow/The Republic

The Arizona Cardinals did not play well against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, but there were some plays that were just flat out missed in the game that could have made it a little closer.

When you look at some of it you can say it is about reps, Marquise Brown turned the wrong way on his one deep ball, if he turns over his right shoulder where no defender is he likely makes a better play on the ball.

However, the odd part of the game plan was relying so heavily on Greg Dortch.

This isn’t a shot at Dortch, and maybe with Rondale Moore getting hurt during game week it made changing things a little more difficult, but it allowed the Chiefs to keep one or two safeties deep nearly the entire game and take away the threat of Brown.

Dortch didn’t play bad, but there is a difference in his skill level and Moore’s with the ball in their hands.

Dortch was targeted nine times in the game, had seven catches for 63 yards. He just didn’t have the same juice Moore had, which could have changed how the Chiefs played the game.

Instead, they went forward and had Dortch in the Moore role and it played into the Chiefs hands.

We will see how things change moving forward, but the Cardinals cannot miss opportunities against good teams with the defense they are fielding right now.

If they do, then we will see too many games like this where the offense has to try and play catch up while praying the defense finds a way to get one or two stops.