Two huge unanswered questions….. Larry Fitzgerald and Kyler Murray

Folks I constantly have two unanswered questions about the Cardinals that I need help understanding. Please share your thoughts.

1) WHY WHY WHY do we not line up with two tight ends and run the ball and then boot leg Kyler Murray? Russel Wilson has done this for most of his career. Michael Vick did this in Atlanta and had huge success. We continue to sit Murray in the pocket like he is Tom Brady. I also am old enough to remember Joe Theismann drop straight back and then roll out left or right as his lineman would pull and make a pocket for him to the left or right. It worked all the time! Why do we not do any of this…?

Theismann Roll Out

Not even the best one

2) What the heck is up with Larry Fitzgerald? The legend has never officially announced his retirement. I assume some of that was to leave the door open for a return. Now though we are pretty far out. Why would he disappear/ You don't even see him at a game to watch or involved with the organization at all really. My gut opinion is that he does not like Kyler Murray and does not think he is the future of the organization. Same with KK offense and how he would fit in since he seems to like smaller quick WRs. Is this why Hopkins would go an entire half without a target? I was at the panthers game last year and had good seats. Hopkins was very frustrated with Murray and not in the game at all. In fact he would come out of the game and not talk to anyone. Have you ever met someone that is supposed to be great at there job and just get an odd feeling from them? Like sure they are talented but there not someone I want to get close with? I think thats what Fitzgerald thought about Murray and is too good of a guy to say anything and thats why he just pulled a Henry Winkler in Waterboy and faded away, What do you think?

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