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Cardinals-Chiefs reactions and Cardinals-Raiders preview

Syndication: Arizona Republic Michael Chow/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

Happy game day one and all.

Jess and I sat down and discussed the tough opening day for the Arizona Cardinals and why we are not in complete meltdown panic mode at this moment.

From there we offered our thoughts on what we think the Cardinals can do moving forward and why injuries are really the key to this entire season.

It is a great hour of Arizona Cardinals talk to help you get ready for the game against the Las Vegas Raiders.


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Here are the approximate times of the different topics we discussed.

(1:00) What went wrong vs. the Chiefs?

(17:21) What is our level of concern moving forward?

(26:39) Small positives, silver linings

(38:19) What the Cardinals should do next

(45:25) Cardinals-Raiders preview