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Red Rain: ARI 29 LV 23 Comeback K1ds Kliff Notes

The Arizona Cardinals were the “Comeback K1ds” on Sunday, swinging an emotional pendulum from a 0-20 agony into a 29-23 ecstasy.

At halftime:


What changed?

I want to hear your answers to this. I will do my best to explain it in the podcast.

If you play the game of Hearts, then you know that what the Cardinals pulled off in this stunning come from behind upset win was akin to shooting the moon three times in a row, when every player in the game knows that’s exactly what they needed to do to in order to have the slightest chance to win the game.

Shooting the moon for the Cardinals meant scoring two late 4th quarter TDs AND convert two 2-point conversions —- something that defies all odds. Then, they had to find a way to go full-tilt boogie in OT with their defense to close the deal.

How much did this miraculous D-Hop type catch from Marquise Brown factor into the equation?

Three Moons:

This 28 second 2-point conversion, which kept the Cardinals’ sliver of chances alive, will likely never be broken and will live in eternity, alongside the “Hail Murray-Hopkins Hop”, as one of Kyler Murray’s signature plays.

And, in my opinion, so should this laser beam throw from Murray to A.J. Green to covert the 2nd 2-point conversion:

I believe that the 5 yard delay-of-game penalty was intentional and was akin to one of baseball’s great “Oh Sh^*” plays (described in the podcast).

In OT, credit Kliff and Kyler for trying to shoot the moon when they dialed up that 4th and 1 deep sideline pass to Marquise Brown, who caught the ball but had it knocked out of his hands by the Raiders’ safety.

Yet, with the game on the line, the Cardinals’ own defenders came out wanting to do their share of punching the ball loose —- and boy- oh - boy did they ever, first by Collins and then by Simmons:

Let’s huddle up and talk about the key aspects of this extraordinary game from the Comeback K1ids:

What are your thoughts and emotions following this historic comeback win for the Cardinals?