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SB Nation Reacts: Arizona Cardinals fans take a wait and see approach on confidence in direction of the team

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler

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Confidence is a fickle thing.

The Arizona Cardinals got their confidence heading in the right direction with a win over the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday, but most fans want to see more.

A week ago confidence in the direction of the team was 13%. Now, the confidence in the direction of the team is at 36% but the fans need to see more.

It makes sense, in six quarters of football the Arizona Cardinals have been outscored 64-21. In the last two quarters and a part of overtime they have outscored their opponents 29-3.

They need to show that they are more the latter than the former for fans to start to buy in.

I mean, we have seen comments about the head coach not knowing what he’s doing, the defensive coordinator needing to be fired, and that the GM is… Well who knows.

We will see how a big game against the Los Angeles Rams changes things for the better or worse.

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