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Red Rain: LAR 20 ARI 12 Kliff Notes

Do the Cardinals ever prepare for their opponent? Is it Kliff Kingsbury’s and Vance Joseph’s philosophy to merely “do what we do, but try to do it better,” regardless of who the opponent is?

Have you ever seen a team so oblivious as to how to attack their opponents’ weaknesses? This year’s Rams team is more vulnerable this year, particularly in the middle of their offensive line and especially in their banged up secondary —- and yet, from what we saw yesterday, the Cardinals’ coaches and players looked thoroughly unprepared to take full advantage of the Rams’ vulnerabilities.



  1. (of a person or their tendencies) not able to be corrected, improved, or reformed.

Example: “he’s an incorrigible liar”

Per: Oxford dictionary.

The most significant questions that I attempt to discuss in this episode:

  1. Is Kliff Kingsbury incorrigible?
  2. Is Vance Joseph incorrigible?
  3. Is Steve Keim incorrigible?
  4. Is Kyler Murray incorrigible?
  5. Is Michael Bidwill incorrigible?
  6. Is the Arians Rams Curse a real thing? Is it is, how can the Cardinals ever expunge it?

On the flip side, here are three of the best and most potentially auspicious plays from yesterday’s game: