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2022 ROTB “Pick 3” Competition: Week 1

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“Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, we’re so glad you could attend, step inside, step inside.” (Emerson, Lake and Palmer).

This year’s winner of the 21-Week (if necessary) competition wins the Cardinals’ mini helmet.

Our returning champion is CardiacCardinalFanatic (aka CCF).

Pick 3 games versus the spread and post them by 1 pm Eastern on Sunday, or earlier, if you are picking a Thursday night or Saturday game.

NFL Week 1 point spreads

My 3 Picks:

  • CIN (-6.5) over PIT
  • PHI (-3.5) over DET
  • IND (-7.5) over HOU

Please list your 3 picks as such, with your favorite first with point spread in parenthesis over listing the opponents.

Your 3 picks:

  • ______ (_____) over ______
  • ______ (_____) over ______
  • ______ (____) over ______

The pursuit of the 2022 ROTB Pick 3 championship is now underway!