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How it started for the 2022 Arizona Cardinals

Can an offseason marked by drama and tragedy lead to a successful season in Arizona?

It wasn’t pretty when the offseason started for the Arizona Cardinals.

Don’t you remember?

It was the letter that sent Arizona Cardinals fans into a frenzy of terrible takes about the team’s young quarterback, Kyler Murray, and the organization and athletes in general.

It lead to an awkward offseason that saw the team relenting in July and signing the 25-year-old quarterback to a mega-extension five months later, costing the team an extra $60 million in the meantime.

It wasn’t just quarterback drama facing the team this offseason.

They re-signed the head coach and general manager to long-term extensions in February, which prompted even more takes to be fired off, and when the 2022 NFL Draft rolled around it felt like we would finally get some clarity on the direction of the team.

After all, the only big signings the Cardinals made during the offseason were to retain their own free agents, like former Pro Bowlers TE Zach Ertz and RB James Conner, while adding a veteran guard, Will Hernandez, and inside linebacker, Zeke Turner, to play ahead of or next to young draft picks.

On draft day, the Arizona Cardinals “overpaid” for wide receiver Marquise “Hollywood” Brown as the run on receivers started early and went hard, leaving no one on the board at that position the Cardinals felt comfortable with.

Why would the Cardinals make such a move?

Oh yeah, this was the offseason from headline hell.

As the offseason continued on, the Cardinals offseason went from bad in the PR department, to just the worst offseason imaginable.

The team would have to process the heartbreaking death of young cornerback Jeff Gladney, who passed away in May from injuries sustained in a car accident. A second chance with the Cardinals seemed like a great opportunity for Gladney before his tragic death.

Then as the offseason progressed they had to deal with Rodney Hudson trying to figure out if he wanted to keep playing. It looks like Hudson will be sticking around for this season.

The beginning of the offseason and how it started was too much for fans. We just needed to get to training camp to see how things will shake out for this Cardinals team in 2022.