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5 Questions with Arrowhead Pride: Mahomes new weapons, early season dominance and getting past the frustration of the end of last season for the Chiefs

Washington Commanders v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jason Hanna/Getty Images

We are back with getting to know our enemies. With the return of the NFL season comes our Five Good Questions series where we exchange questions with those covering the Arizona Cardinals upcoming opponent.

This week, we talk to Arrowhead Pride’s Tom Childs to discuss the Kansas City Chiefs.


1. Are you surprised that the Chiefs are -6 point favorites on the road to open the season?

Based on what we’ve seen historically from the Chiefs under Reid and Mahomes in September? Absolutely not. But based on how the Cardinals are also traditionally fast starters too? Then sure, I am a bit surprised. Despite the Chiefs’ dominance over the regular season during the Mahomes’ tenure, Kansas City has not been very good at covering the spread. As teams have been more conservative defensively and aggressive offensively, it has meant that the Chiefs have been in many close games over the last couple of years. I am surprised not to see that reflected in the odds.

2. I don’t think the Chiefs offense will necessarily fall off, but do you think it will be as explosive post-Tyreek Hill?

Mahomes has developed this reputation of being the premier deep passing gunslinger type in the league — and having someone like Tyreek Hill playing catch up to deep passes helped that. But believe it or not — Mahomes ranked just 6th in completions of over 20 yards or more than last season., way or where you’d expect him to be, right? To dispel the myth further, you only have to look at air yards per completion: in that stat, he ranked 30th! The reason why? Teams simply decided to take the deep shot away— and it worked. It was one of the reasons why I was ok with losing Tyreek Hill. The draft picks helped of course but now the Chiefs possess a far more rounded wide receiver room. With a receiver core that can hurt defenses in multiple ways, Mahomes should look to have a more successful season both aesthetically and statistically.

3. Who is the free agent addition you are most looking forward to in week one?

I’ll admit it, I am a full-on JuJu stan account. It pained me to see him decide to resign with the Steelers last season. It’s a decision I didn’t really understand if I am being honest. Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson or ... ‘Big Ben’. Anyway, we can’t all be perfect.

Now that he is finally in Kansas City I am extremely excited to see the revival of what was such a promising career early doors.

4. There was a 50/50 split amongst Cardinals fans on George Karlaftis, what are your thoughts and how has he looked so far?

The early impressions are very positive. Not only has he said all of the right things, but he’s done the right things too. A defensive end with a high motor is always going to have success in the NFL — especially in the fourth quarter. But the reason I think ‘Furious George’ will do well is purely the situations he should be in. With the Chiefs expected to have many leads this season, the hope is that Karlaftis will be able to pin his ears back and let his motor go to work.

5. Do you think this has to be a Super Bowl season for the Chiefs? Are fans getting restless? Maybe it’s just Twitter but I am curious what the fan base is feeling

I wrote this answer an hour or two after watching the Bills destroy the Rams so naturally, I should be wary of the BIlls — but as fans of both of our teams know: Super Bowls are not won in September. Until the day comes that the Bills can overcome their ‘Kansas City problem’, I will always back the Chiefs over anyone else in the AFC.

The restlessness you mention comes from — in my opinion — the frustration of what happened against the Bengals and then of course the Tyreek Hill trade. While the first event was just a bad day at the office, I’m not so sure that losing Tyreek Hill will have an adverse effect as many are predicting. If anything, losing Hill has forced KC into a bit of self-evaluation — hopefully resulting in a better version of the Mahomes-led Chiefs.

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