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Notes from the Enemy: Atlanta Falcons look to grow to end 2022, need to start winning close games and address pass rush and more

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Happy game day one and all.

The Arizona Cardinals take on the Atlanta Falcons today and we checked in with The Falcoholic to see what is going on in the Falcons rebuild.


NFC South report: The Falcons move all their belongings into the cellar - The Falcoholic
Atlanta’s dead last in the division at the moment.

Drake London and Desmond Ridder’s rookie connection keeps rolling - The Falcoholic
Drake London, Desmond Ridder, Tyler Allgeier, and Timothy Horne all have outsized roles right now.

Falcons vs. Ravens: Hat tips & head-scratchers - The Falcoholic
London lost another football.

The Falcons pass rush is a huge offseason priority, again - The Falcoholic
For what seems like the 20th straight season, Atlanta looks set to leave a season light on pass rush production and answers.

Troublesome one score losses can’t continue for Arthur Smith and Falcons heading into 2023 - The Falcoholic
As the narrow defeats continue to mount in Atlanta, questions will be asked of Smith’s future if the team can’t execute and make plays in close games.

The construction of the Falcons’ running game is their biggest 2022 success - The Falcoholic
In a Falcons’ season filled with some impressive highs and several frustrating lows, the most significant sign of progress comes from out of the backfield, where the Falcons look stabilized for the first time in years.

Falcons vs. Cardinals: A look at the series history going into 2022 - The Falcoholic
The Cardinals hold the edge but the Falcons are gaining.

Intriguing players to watch in Falcons vs. Cardinals - The Falcoholic
Desmond Ridder looks for his first NFL win, so let’s name four other intriguing Falcons that could help him.