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Vance Joseph set to interview for Arizona Cardinals head coaching vacancy

Cardinals defensive coordinator is set to interview for Kliff Kingsbury’s former job.

NFL: Cardinals NFL game-Kansas City Chiefs at Arizona Cardinals Michael Chow/The Republic

For the Arizona Cardinals, they are looking for another head coach… again.

After firing Kliff Kingsbury it is weird that someone getting such strong consideration and now being interviewed next week would be from within the organization and on the staff that underwhelmed so much, but that is what the Cardinals plan to do in interviewing Vance Joseph.

According to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN that is happening next week.

That is the thing, it feels like Michael Bidwill is going on the whims of what some in the building feel.

Yet, why is Vance Joseph not being considered anywhere else? If he was a commodity wouldn’t it have been something we would have seen last year or this offseason, yet his name is nowhere near any other jobs?

Walter talked about Vance’s place in the potential hierarchy of available defensive minds, and I don’t think anyone would put Vance near the top of the list.

So, what is the plan, and why would it include promoting from with in for a staff that underachieved so much in the eyes of the owner that it cost the head coach his job?

My final critique of any hire of Joseph would be... Why would you promote someone who has been unable to develop your high investment picks at inside linebacker?

We will see how this plays out, but man would this be an underwhelming hire for the Arizona Cardinals.