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Arizona Cardinals set to interview Sean Payton per report

Dallas Mavericks v New Orleans Pelicans Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals are getting their interview with Sean Payton.

According to Howard Balzer of PHNX the Arizona Cardinals will interview Sean Payton on Thursday.

This is a big step in the process but also feels like with what Payton is wanting from a salary standpoint and the potential compensation towards the New Orleans Saints that this is further away from reality than we had hoped.

Payton of course is the most successful coaching candidate of anyone that the Arizona Cardinals or any team will pursue, but he is also the guy who can and will demand the most money and likely the most say in personnel and roster decisions.

With the addition of Monti Ossenfort and David Sears the need for Payton to be the man making personnel decisions seems less important.

Instead it feels like Payton will need to buy into what the Cardinals and their new front office want to do or they’ll both go in a separate direction.

Let’s ask this, if the Cardinals are going to give up picks, would you be okay with a 2023 third round pick and a 2024 first and third?

Or, would you rather see a Brian Flores, Dan Quinn, or maybe even Demeco Ryans as the head coach with Ossenfort and Sears now in the front office?