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Resetting after Sean Payton means new head coaching candidates coming in to meet with Arizona Cardinals

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Thursday seems like a month ago, and after this weekend it may as well be.

However, the Arizona Cardinals were clever in their usage of the Conference Championship Games and the fact that a number of top coordinator candidates could not interview for jobs to their favor.

You see, after a nine plus hour interview with Sean Payton, the Arizona Cardinals leaked that they were resetting.

What that meant was they were going to spend the next four days trying to get something done for Payton, but for some reason the Saints would rather have nothing than something and that means it was time for the Cardinals to truly reset.

Now, they bring in Lou Anarumo and Brian Callahan:

These make sense and truly put the Cardinals in a position to continue to look into potential head coaches while still figuring out if the Saints want to play ball. If they don’t, then we will begin to see a second round of interviews for the other candidates.

Either way you cut it, the Cardinals are doing their due diligence and have only “missed out” on Frank Reich thus far as it appears DeMeco Ryans never had any interest in this job.

He will likely be hired by the Houston Texans on Wednesday.

That leaves the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos as the other two franchises looking for head coaches.

The Broncos are making another run at Jim Harbaugh, before likely trying to lure Jonathan Gannon away from the Philadelphia Eagles.

Meanwhile, there seems to be an interesting power struggle in Indy, but a buddy who is close to the Colts situation believes that they will end up with Raheem Morris, who as of this moment has not even been interviewed by the Arizona Cardinals.

That would leave the Cardinals with their pick of choices from who they have interviewed thus far as well as the two new candidates.

Brian Flores
Aaron Glenn
Ejiro Evero
Sean Payton
Vance Joseph

And the new guys in Lou Anarumo and Brian Callahan.