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Steve Keim out as general manager per report, could remain with organization in lesser role

Baltimore Ravens v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

One shoe has dropped, now the question becomes will the other, or is this the end of the firings for the Arizona Cardinals?

Jordan Schultz of The Score is reporting that Arizona Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim will no longer be in that role, but it sounds like he could remain with the team in a different, executive or lesser role.

We have been waiting word on this very topic for the last month since Keim was reported as leaving the team for health related issues.

There are a number of speculative ideas of what is going on with Keim, but the reality is until we have something definitive, the only thing we know as of now is that Keim is out as general manager and we will wait and see how the Arizona Cardinals go about replacing him.

If anything else comes of this today we will be on it, but for now, this is the first move for the Arizona Cardinals in their attempt to fix their broken roster.

Keim had been general manager since 2013, and was part of a fun three-year stretch with Bruce Arians at the helm. From there, it has been an uphill battle for Keim as ghosts of players missed continued to cause issues.