Phil Jackson....

Kyler Murray needs his Phil Jackson…

Kobe Bryant had all the talent in the world, he was cocky, arrogant, knew he was an amazing athlete and had crazy goals for his career, but without Phil Jackson, Kobe would never have amounted to what he did.

Kyler needs his Phil, someone he can look to with respect, someone with credibility, who’s done it for years, has a ring, and has worked with a player very similar to him and turned him into one of the best ever., like Phil did with MJ and Kobe. Sean Payton is the answer, he’s the only answer, and on January 17th or whenever Sean can officially be courted…Bidwill needs to be on his jet headed to wherever Sean is with keys to the organization, a blank check (easier to write a big check now after the sportsbook partnerships) and bring Sean Payton back to the desert with a plan in place. Not a 2 year patchwork plan, but a 5 year plan with a priority focus on the interior Offensive line, and defensive line. A plan that includes protecting our home field, and our fans who show up every week just to see the team lose in heartbreaking fashion with self inflicted wounds week after week.

Kyler is here to stay, we all know it. He will rehab, he will return, but it’s all for nothing if Kyler doesn’t have the best YOUNG offensive line possible in front of him built with toughness and grit. Guys who can move and control the line of scrimmage in the fourth quarter. That is priority one, and Sean Payton is the coach that we as a fan base can say to ourselves, "finally, we’ve got our leader."

As a fan I’m on the verge of moving on, moving on from this organization if they continue to run in the circle of mediocrity with coaches that other teams turned down. Coaches that weren’t the first choice that needed jobs and we were their landing spot because everyone else turned us down.

That can’t happen again. It’s time. It’s finally time to right this ship, because we’ve been sinking far too long.

Michael Bidwill you owe me, you owe me for the 35 years I’ve invested in this team. For the $100,000 I’ve spent in my life on tickets, travel, and away games to support your organization and increase the value of your wallet.

You owe me Michael. You owe us all.

And if in two weeks I see a headline that Vance Joseph is head coach, and we’ve promoted GMs from within, I’ll be gone. I can’t do it anymore. I can’t spend every year knowing we’re going to be trash.

Fuel the jet.

Write the check.

Bring home the Phil Jackson this organization so desperately needs for our "Kobe Bryant."

Signed yours truly,

A FAN who gives a sh!t and just wants to Win.

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