Today we lost a tough game to a top, very good contender! I understand This year the 9ers so far are an excellent football team.

BUT, their were three no calls by the Ref's all in the fourth quarter. The most flagrant on the last play AZ tried late in the game. with under a minute to go on fourth down, on our last play we threw a pass in the end zone When the touchdown was shown on TV it clearly showed the defender grabbing the receivers arm prior to the ball getting to the receiver. That play coupled with two other no calls all in the fourth quarter. Tells me the refs were focused on helping the 9ers win the game. On one of the no calls even the announcer said it was like a neck high tackle. Yes , I believe the refs were intent on covering the point spread. THREE NO CALLS in the fourth quarter!!!

On a lighter note our Coaching staff is turning out to be wonderful!!!!

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