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Arizona Cardinals defense plays better, but offense can’t get anything going in loss to Seattle Seahawks

The Arizona Cardinals were beat by the Seattle Seahawks.

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals did a nice job on defense for most of the game, and also had opportunistic plays that gave them a chance against the Seattle Seahawks.

It just wasn’t enough in the 20-10 loss.

Offensively, they just continue to shoot themselves in the foot, unforced errors are tough to overcome when there is also a lack of talent involved.

For the Cardinals they once again missed opportunities whether it be bad decisions, bad execution or bad play calls.

Like, what was that fourth down play call with Clayton Tune on fourth and nine where you threw it four yards?

In the end, you have to be excited to see an improved effort defensively especially with what you saw from Garrett Williams and getting Budda Baker back.

However, the offense looked bad, and like they have no flow.

Josh Dobbs just didn’t get anything going, finishing with 146 yards passing. Although he did have a rushing touchdown as well.

It was another week where you hope to see Kyler Murray back, making a difference.

We will see how that goes.

Onto the Ravens.