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Cardinals-Seahawks review, benchings, roster moves, injuries and more

Going over the Arizona Cardinals loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Happy Friday one and all, we have made it.

The Arizona Cardinals once again played a good enough first half, with just a terrible second half offensively, and probably their best second half defensive performance of the season.

That leads to the question from Jess and I, what is happening?

How did the defense play better, against a great offensive unit, but the offense cannot even get points on a short field?

Then, we discuss what is happening with the roster, from benchings, cuts and injury reserve moves.

All of that and more on the best hour of Cardinals talk on the web.

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Times and topics:

(1:00) The play of the defense

(23:47) The play of the offense

(40:30) Benchings, roster moves, injuries