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Cardinals-Ravens second half open thread

Talk about the final 30 minutes of the Arizona Cardinals game against the Baltimore Ravens.

Baltimore Ravens v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

For 28 minutes you felt like things were okay.

Then, the Josh Dobbs effect came into play, and instead of being tied or even potentially leading at the half, the Arizona Cardinals are down 7-14 to the Baltimore Ravens.

The defense has once again done enough to keep the Cardinals in play, yet in the end there are a number of decisions on the offensive side of the ball that have led to this team trialing.

We saw Emari Demercado running better than he has all season, rushing for 14 times for 60 yards and yet at key times they failed to run the ball well.

Dobbs is once again just trying to use the passing game as an extension of the run game, going 8/12 for 55 yards and the late interception.

His yards per attempt is basically equal to Demercado’s, which is a baffling statistic.

This team needs Dobbs to complete something, anything down the field.

Let’s see how this second half plays out.

Let’s go Cardinals!