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For the first time in 2023, Arizona Cardinals fans can see the team winning on Sunday

The fans are cautiously optimistic for the first time this season that the Arizona Cardinals can win a game.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

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The Arizona Cardinals are 1-3, have blown two halftime leads, and lack a lot of talent overall when compare to other NFL rosters.

So, when they lost on Sunday I expected to see the belief deflate a little bit and it didn’t, as we talked about that in this weeks confidence poll.

That made me interested, do Arizona Cardinals fans expect to see a win this weekend?

An overwhelming majority said yes.

Jess and I talked about it on the podcast we will have out before the game on Sunday, but this seems like the first time in the season that many are expecting something.

Which for me, as a long suffering Arizona Cardinals fan, makes it feel like the Cardinals are going to help the Cincinnati Bengals get healthy, even though I picked the Cardinals to win this weekend.

Are you nervous now that there are expectations?

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